Athlete Information (Update 15-02-2017)

 AIT International Grand Prix 2017 – Document Updates 12-20-2017

Event Schedule: 2017 AIT GP Timetable updated Feb 14th

Call Room Schedule: 2017 AIT GP Call Room Schedule updated Feb 14th

Entry Lists: 2017 AIT GP Entry List 2017Feb15

AIT International Grand Prix 2017 – Staff

Athlete Entry/Events: Paul McNamara
Assistant Meet Director/PR/TV:    Gordon Brett
Commercial/TV: Paul Coburn
PR: Orla Thornton
Social Media: Daniel Seery
Ticketing/Volunteers: Karen Cunningham

2017 Events are as follows:

Women: 60m, 60mH, Long Jump, 800m and 1500m

Men: 60m, 400m, 600m, High Jump and finally the Mile*.

(*The Mile will also have official timing at the 1500m mark for those looking for Euro Indoor standards etc.)