Class Timetable

Class Timetable

Group exercise is a great way to work out, so whether you want to improve your cardio fitness, tone-up your legs and thighs or work on your strength, we have a class for you.

Classes are suitable for all fitness levels, which means you’re guaranteed to find a class that suits you and your fitness requirements.

Class descriptions

  • Spin A 40 minute indoor cycling session which strengthens your heart and lungs while improving your fitness. You control the resistance so you can move at your own pace. Suitable for all fitness levels.
  • Circuits A 40 minute workout focusing on strength and fitness. This consists of short bouts of exercise stations that will get the heart pumping, allowing you to burn fat, tone and improve fitness levels.
  • Kettleblast A 40 minute high intensity workout using Kettlebells.  This session will push you to the limits and deliver rapid results. Suitable for all fitness levels.
  • Women on Weights (WOW) 45 minute class focusing on strength and compound moves for women only. Learn how to lift weights in a safe and controlled environment with our team of instructors
  • AIT Pump A 40 minute class using a barbell and weights to sculpt, tone and define the body. Go as light or as heavy as you want for the results you desire.
  • Pilates** 45 minute course designed to activate the deeper core muscles. Orla focuses on alignment, breathing and core strength while working the spine, flexibility and conditioning. Suitable for people of all ages and abilities.
  • Fit 4 Life A 60 minute couch to 5k style programme. Improve fitness levels on our 400m outdoor track. Our qualified athletics coach will help teach and motivate you on your fitness journey.
  • Running Club Work hard for 60 minutes on our 400m outdoor track. Improve time, distance and speed in our advanced programme with our qualified athletics coach.

Members will incur an extra fee for this course.

Book a Group Exercise Class Online

For your ease and convenience, members can book their group exercise classes online. If this is your first time using our online member services, you will be required to register first.

Book a Class by Clicking Here – Book a Class

Class Tips

  1. It is essential to pre book your space in class
  2. Stay hydrated -Bring a bottle of water to class with you
  3. Pace yourself – Classes cater for all fitness levels, so remember to go at your own pace.
  4. Inform your instructor of any illness or injury that may prevent you from participating fully in the class.
  5. Please do not enter class late, as it may interrupt other class members.
  6. A minimum of 3 people are required for classes to proceed

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