AIT Sport Pilates

Next 6 week course starting 21st April 2020

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Public Direct Debit Membership

Direct Debit Membership now available at AIT Sport. Open to all public members

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Join the Gym @ AIT Sport

Join the Gym at AIT Sport

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2 comments on “Home”

  1. Shingi Chidavaenzi

    Hi, I’m currently a college student at Gmit in galway. I will be moving to athlone for the next couple of months as part of my college placement.
    I was wondering what kind of student membership rates are available to me

  2. Marian Kennedy


    Its 6 euro for anyone to have a pay as you go gym session, feel free to come and visit us once we reopen and we can look at your membership options, there are 6 and 12 months options.

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