AIT Sport is delighted to introduce our new Alter G Treadmill.

320AIT Sport is delighted to introduce our new Alter G Treadmill.

Alter G is a new innovative exercise solution for those who want to improve functional movement and overall health at any age, shape or ability. By using positive air pressure to counter act the effect of gravity, this treadmill can reduce body weight by up to 80% to reduce pressure of running/ walking on your joints.
Once set up on the Alter G, it works like any other treadmill you would find in a sports facility.  It is easy to use and different training can be applied from speed to endurance to recovery and more.

The Alter G can benefit you if you are:
–        Returning to training after surgery
–        Recovering from any bone injuries, muscle, ligaments or tendon injury
–        Have been advised by a medical professional to lose weight
–        Gait retraining after a stroke or other neurological disorders   Rehabilitation
–        The Alter G provides a comfortable and safe environment for patients in rehabilitation and is monitored by a fitness expert in AIT Sport
–        The Alter G can aid greater motor learning in neurological patients as they can do longer training sessions without fatiguing
–        It can help those who are overweight or obese. It is a perfect way to help lose unwanted weight by allowing the person to give 100% of hard work without putting any further stress on their knees and ankles
–        It can also aid those who have any bone problems, osteoporosis for example; lighter pressure on joints can help in building bone strength without causing further damage
–        Injuries that have occurred from any sport, accidents or daily life can have a positive outcome if they apply their rehabilitation training to the Alter G.

Alter G is used by all types of athletes from amateur to professional in any kind of sport from athletics to basketball to help them perform like never before. The anti-gravity technology will allow an athlete to push their body to work hard during recover and help them achieve their personal best

Facts about the Alter G
–        Historically, the use of a harness or pool was the only solution for unweighting patients who needed rehabilitation across a whole spectrum of injuries. The new Alter G treadmill is the new alternative and the best choice for unweighting or progressive loading in rehab or training today
–        The Alter G will allow you to exercise pain free at your normal pace for longer
–        It reduces stress on joints and any other injury to allow you to train to your maximum effort
–        Prolongs your athletic career by exercising, knowing it will not cause injury
–        Allows those who have a high BMI exercise at ease without stressing joints
–        The Alter G was initially designed for astronauts in training for going to space, once they discovered the benefits from their design, they opened it up to doctors, rehabilitation clinics, sports clubs and more