At AIT sports we recognise that for athletes and coaches concerned with elite performance it is essential that we are able to establish baselines and monitor progressions.  To help coaches and athletes develop strong athletic profiles for their sports we are now providing a full range of athletic testing options and sports science support across all sports

AIT Sports are now offering a full range of physiological and fitness assessments to help athletes and teams unlock their athletic potential.  We offer both individual and group testing options including lab based, field based and sport specific testing. We can also design and provide tailored testing protocols for all sports.

Athletic Testing

  •              Lactate profiling and training zones provision
  •             Body composition and anthropometry
  •            Cycling Power profiling
  •            Watt Bike Pedal analysis
  •             Sport specific multi-test protocols
  •             Speed, agility and/or strength assessment
  •            Aerobic Fitness (VO2 max)

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