Rehabilitation testing key performance markers used to monitor and access the individuals progress through their injury .

This test will aid yourself, your physiotherapist & Strength and Conditioning coaches to consciously improve your program to suit the future results and to achieve  short and long term goals.


Some testing can be compared to involved and uninvolved limb 

Biodex, System 3 – Isokinetic Testing of the Upper & Lower Limbs

Counter-Movement Jump – Explosive Power & Jump Height

Drop Jump – Reactive Strength Index

Speed Testing – Maximal Velocity & Acceleration Testing

1 Repetition Maximum – Maximal Strength Upper & Lower Limbs

Vo2Max – Maximal Volume of Oxygen Consumption (Aerobic Capacity)

Alter – G Testing – Anti-Gravity Treadmill unloading lower limbs for return to running protocols

NB* Letter of approval from Chartered Physiotherapist, if not, a physio will need to be present while doing the testing . 

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