Determine your Cycling Power Profile!

As a result of some interest from local cycling groups we have put together a lab testing protocol to determine the strengths and weaknesses of a rider. This test identifies your ability to produce periods of power in efforts ranging from (5–600s), you can then tailor your programs then to develop key areas which need work. This test is also very useful in determining wether or not you are more suited to sprinting, climbing, time trialing or

 See below some of the rationale behind the test,

“The cyclist who has the highest VO2max, or greatest sustainable power output is not necessarily the most likely to succeed in a road race. Due to its tactical nature and the influence of drafting and terrain, the results of a mass start road race are typically determined at a critical period(s) during the race. These critical periods require the competitors to produce maximal power output for a race-specific period of time. Therefore, depending on the nature of the race, the winner can potentially be the cyclist who produces the lowest average power over the whole duration, only producing a maximal effort that is greater than their competitors at a critical moment(s)”

 The Power Profile is non-intrusive assessment and is carried out on your state of the art Wattbike Pro, at the end of the test you will be given your own power profile and our Exercise Scientist can advise you on how best to improve your cyling profile.

Here is some examples of feedback given to some of our Customers already., weak in neuromuscular power and anaerobic capacity, but with a relatively high aerobic power and especially a high lactate threshold”

“Strong Anaerobic capacity, but you really need to work on your threshold power, focus on sweet spot efforts for best results”

“Across 3 power intervals you fall into the catogory as a strong Cat 3 rider, this profile suggests that you are a good all rounder, your nueromuscular power does need some work and can be trained with 3-8 second efforts with 2-3 minutes rest between efforts”

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