Elite Sports Persons Entry Scheme (Points Waiver Scheme 2024-25 Academic Year Entry) 

TUS Midlands (formerly AIT) has in place, for all its undergraduate degree courses, an academic entrance scheme for elite sports persons. A number of places will be reserved for outstanding candidates who have reached a very high standard of sporting achievement, through performance or coaching, and who are committed to further developing their sporting and academic careers.

Applicants must satisfy the minimum entry requirements for Level 7 and/or Level 8 degrees at the Institute. In addition, applicants must have reached a specified sports standard to be eligible for this very competitive scheme and selection of successful candidates will be based on a range of criteria, including sporting achievements.

Click Here To Apply: Elite Sportsperson Entry Scheme 2024 Applicants (office.com)

The closing date for 2024-25 entry is May 1st. 

Further details of the Elite Entry Scheme available from the Admissions Officer on + 353 (0) 646 8130, admissions.midlands@tus.ie

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