Bachelor of Business in Sport Management

 If you aspire to a management role in the sport, recreation and leisure industry, this add-on degree may be for you. The programme focuses on advanced business-related knowledge and skills development in key business subjects. You will also be provided with education and training in different elements of sport management and administration, as well as an insight into the environmental factors which affect the success of a sport enterprise.

Minimum Entry Requirements

Higher Certificate in Business in Sport and Recreation or an equivalent Level 6 qualification.


Sport Management, Sport Tourism, Management Accounting/Finance, Information Technology, Sports Development, Management Accounting/Finance, Information Technology.

Electives: Sports Studies, Community Recreation, Business French, Business Spanish.


As a graduate of this programme you are eligible to apply to join the one-year, add-on Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Management in Tourism and Sport (Level 8) or the one-year, add-on Bachelor of Business (Honours) (Level 8) at AIT or related Level 8 programmes at other third-level institutions.

Professional Recognition


Career Opportunities

When you graduate from this degree you may obtain employment such as a youth sport development officer, sports recreational officer, play officer, youth diversion officer, physical activity coordinator, development coach/officer/administrator, sport coordinator/officer, community and sports officer and in managerial positions within public, commercial and service organisations.

Additional Information


Mark McCormack

Mark McCormack progressed through AIT’s ladder system, earning qualifications in sport and recreation, sport management, and ultimately graduating with a Master of Business in 2011.

Since graduating, Mark has been employed by Nike as their AIR Field Manager, with responsiblity for supporting key accounts in the form of technical product training (EKIN) to maximise staff product knowledge to benefit the customer and product presentation support to elevate Nike product and MPT spaces to maximise the customers’ experience relevant to Nike product. This involves Mark receiving briefs and training sessions on Nike, the brand, its vision, merchandising and in-store products. He visits stores ensuring the activation of campaigns, products and merchandising initiatives, and liaises with in-store staff on support and VM training requirements.

He also has to ensure that key messages and principles are communicated through to the consumer, while developing relationships with Nike’s wholesale and retail clients and understand their strategies.





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1 year Full Time 7 Admissions Office, AIT







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